About Sew Blessed

Sew Blessed

About Sew Blessed

Hi and welcome to Sew Blessed Fabrics! I try and offer very competitive prices. I sell by 2 yard (2Y) increments. If you would like 4 yards just put it in your cart twice and so on. 

Everything priced is for 2 yards (2Y) sometimes I do carry fabrics and offer 1 yard (1Y) cuts. 

 I run this business on my own and sometimes I do make mistakes. I will always strive to fix my mistakes as soon as possible and keep my customers happy. 

 Here at Sew Blessed we want everyone to feel included, loved, and safe! 

 I consider my customers my friends and will always strive to provide you with great customer service. Thank you for stopping by! May you always be Sew Blessed!